Augusta Systems EdgeFrontier Middleware Connects Sensors, RFID and Other Edge Devices to Enterprise Networks

Latest Version of EdgeFrontier Powers Network 2.0 for the Enterprise

October 16, 2007

Morgantown, W.Va. -- – Augusta Systems Inc., provider of intelligent enterprise network technologies, today announced the release of EdgeFrontier™ v2.0, middleware for building and managing intelligent networks, systems, and applications featuring data from sensors, actuators, wireless sensor networks, RFID systems, imagery devices and other edge assets.

EdgeFrontier v2.0 provides a powerful, easily configurable middleware solution that enables enterprises and systems integrators to build and manage intelligent networks for military operations, industrial monitoring, asset tracking, public safety and other applications. EdgeFrontier eliminates the need for separate middleware applications, since it can integrate data from any device or in any protocol. The software also eliminates the need for custom development to integrate and converge data from edge assets and enterprise data repositories into enterprise networks.

“EdgeFrontier middleware is a powerful addition to the network-centric enterprise,” said Charlie Stuewe, General Manager of Crane Co.’s Wireless Monitoring Solutions (WMS) business unit, a leading provider of wireless sensor networks for industrial, commercial and government applications. “When installed on computing devices, EdgeFrontier enables those machines to easily support processing and correlation of data from wireless sensors, RFID systems, video cameras and other devices and systems – including Crane WMS MicroObserver Unattended Ground Sensor Systems. EdgeFrontier enables an enterprise network to intelligently connect with and control sensors and devices that reside at the network’s edge.”

EdgeFrontier provides users with a complete, remotely-configurable middleware solution for integration, processing, correlation, distribution and control throughout the network – from the edge to the core. EdgeFrontier also acts as an edge application server and can be configured as an edge enterprise service bus, providing an abstraction layer to support processing and distribution of data without writing code.

EdgeFrontier, along with Augusta Systems® SensorBridge™ and SensorPort™, are core building-block tools for today’s Network 2.0-enabled enterprise. With the rapid growth of sensors, actuators and other devices and systems for security, monitoring, automation, asset tracking, and other applications, Network 2.0 approaches and technologies are critical for efficient and effective enterprise networks, with processing capabilities and intelligent functions not limited to centralized network servers and office workstations, but spread across the entire network, from the edge to the core.

“Most enterprises lack the capacity to easily integrate intelligent information from the edge of the network to the core -- that all changes with Edge Frontier,” said Patrick Esposito, president and chief operating officer of Augusta Systems. “With EdgeFrontier, an enterprise can keep its existing enterprise network infrastructure, cut out costly software development time and eliminate multiple middleware applications tied to specific systems. EdgeFrontier is the missing element in intelligent enterprise networks.”

About EdgeFrontier:
EdgeFrontier is middleware for building and managing intelligent networks, systems and applications featuring data from edge assets. EdgeFrontier is available for individual device installations. Substantial discounts are available for multi-user and original equipment manufacturer (OEM) purchases.

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About Crane Wireless Monitoring Solutions:
Wireless Monitoring Solutions, a part of the Crane Co. Controls division, is a leading provider of wireless sensor networks for industrial, commercial and government applications. With its wireless sensor products and remote monitoring services, Wireless Monitoring Solutions provides a complete, end-to-end intelligent monitoring solution that transforms data into business knowledge and provides continuous and real-time information, allowing organizations to improve efficiencies, reduce costs, improve customer service and optimize revenues.

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