SensorBridge v2.0 Bridges the Gap Between Sensor Data and the Network
New Version Enables Sensor Networking, Security Convergence, and M2M Communications

February 20, 2007

MORGANTOWN, W.Va. – Augusta Systems Inc., today announced the release of SensorBridge v2.0, a suite of software components for Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 that enables rapid integration, intelligent processing and enterprise utilization of sensor data within an integrated development environment. The new SensorBridge v2.0 components add new machine to machine (M2M) communications features and expand the product’s prior capabilities for sensor networking and security convergence.

“As enterprises use more sensors for security, monitoring, automation, and asset tracking, they are faced with the challenge of utilizing sensor data as efficiently and effectively as possible. In addition, more enterprises require real-time consolidation, analysis, and management of data from different sources – sensors and actuators, wireless sensor networks, RFID systems, IP-enabled devices, physical/IT security assets, and network storage appliances, among others.” said Patrick Esposito II, president and chief operating officer of Augusta Systems.

“Augusta Systems SensorBridge v2.0 meets these needs by providing new and enhanced components to assist with development and management of applications, systems, and networks that feature real-time sensor data integration, correlation, storage, and communications. In doing so, SensorBridge extends enterprise networks to the level of sensors and sensor networks,” Esposito explained.

The core feature of SensorBridge is quick and easy consolidation of data from various types of sensors and other devices. Unlike the SDKs and APIs tied to a single type of sensor or proprietary communications protocol, SensorBridge can easily incorporate data from different types of sensors and devices and supply information, through a variety of functions, to network devices supporting a variety of databases and file structures. These components reduce, or in some cases eliminate, the need to write middleware, front-end code, and back-end code for sensor and control systems and networks.

SensorBridge enables sensors from a variety of protocols and systems, including wireless sensor networks (featuring ZigBee and other protocols), RFID systems, and imagery devices. It supports IPv6, security convergence, M2M communications, network-centric systems, and more. SensorBridge allows easy connectivity and integration with both new and legacy systems, including file repositories and databases such as Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, Microsoft Access, Excel, and others. SensorBridge also supports XML messaging of sensor data, as well as conversion and real-time communication of sensor data via TCP and UDP, which power distributed, intelligent networks, service-oriented architectures, and M2M functions.

“Whether you must integrate and manage data from one sensor or hundreds of diverse sensors, SensorBridge can meet your needs. Adding new sensors and devices shouldn’t require endless hours of integration or cluttered network environments. SensorBridge can do the work for you,” Esposito said.

Benefits of SensorBridge include:
  • Enabling integration and utilization of sensor data and sensor-like devices into new or existing systems and networks;
  • Providing sensor data to the enterprise IT infrastructure and IP network in real time to enhance analysis and response;
  • Maximizing existing client technology assets and leveraging future investments by providing an open, scalable platform;
  • Leveraging an integrated development environment to enable unified architecture and development activities;
  • Increasing value of sensor data through system and network-driven correlations and access;
  • Reducing total cost of ownership of sensor systems and networks; and
  • Increasing ROI for sensors, sensor systems, and sensor networks.

SensorBridge is available through annual developer licenses, device run-time licenses, and original equipment manufacturer (OEM) licenses. Substantial discounts are available for multi-user and OEM licenses. A 30-day, limited trial version is also available at no cost. For more information, or to purchase or try out SensorBridge, visit

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